JonXs, 33, is a Berlin based artist working with glass and is now bringing them to life as NFTs.
Being a sneaker addict from the dawn of time he also finds his inspiration in fashion and comics.
These cultural impacts and his positive nature are reflected in his art and can now be experienced in a new dimension.

Nowadays the news about NFTs are really coming thick and fast.
Given all the success of digital artworks I always missed the fact of owning an analog one as well.
So me and my team from ApollX decided to build a bridge from the analog into the digital world and to open a new dimension for my artworks.
Everything is connected and together we take you on a journey into a new dimension.
Enjoy your trip and become a member of our club.


ASTROWORLD will be the first of three analog artworks by JonXs that will be brought to life as NFTs, given them a new dimension.
Each artwork will be auctioned with its unique NFT, bringing the holder additional tba utilities.
This is dedicated to @virgilabloh legend, thanks for your inspiration and endless energy R.I.P
Would a dress code bring unity ? So many times in my life I have asked myself this question. It is about identity. It is about expressing my personality. Often I have hoped clothing could give me feeling of belonging. Take away the feeling of being on the outside.
But above all, I have just wanted to be treated the same as others. Status for me is the freedom of escaping prejudism.
The freedom to be me without being judged by others.But what’s your part in this?
Do you ever wonder what’s beyond the surface?
Have you ever had a hard time finding lightness?
Let us together create a lightness that will make the world more beautiful for all of us.

Sun is burning from the sky, the sound of waves calms you down and the beach is filled with beautiful people.
It’s a mixture of the Californian surfer mentality mixed with over exaggerated status symbols.
I often remembered my last trip to Venice Beach when wandering down the lonely streets during a very cold & gray Berlin lockdown.
Given being locked up I always had the need to break out and travel again. My mind was taken over by wanderlust and a piece of wood was the only possible way to express my inner feelings.
All hardwares stores being closed might be also a reason I started to paint on wood.
Glass is my preferred element to work with and as soon as the regular stores opened up again I had the need to transform this artwork into an object, and so I’ve captured this moment for eternity in this glass box.

What do we really feel while watching other peoples life on their social media channels?
Does it change the way we think about ourselves?
What remains for our generation?
These questions were spinning around in my head and I've processed these thoughts in my most elaborated artwork today.
Every pigment and detail were deliberately put together, giving the artwork a plastic, almost unrealistic touch.
In collaboration with the talented photographer Yasmin Nickel we staged a photo in front of my artwork and framed them together.
Through the resulted new level a new dimension was given to my artwork and delivered new possibilities to work with.
This artwork is unique and was created from pigmented glass, by a Berlin based producer who developed this technique and used it as a prototype for the the creation of an artwork and is now named "OUTTA SELF LOVE"